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The life

of a Maker

I've been making since I was three, when my studio consisted of a small plastic table and a box of crayons set up next to my mom's office desk. Throughout the subsequent 3+ decades, my studio has changed, grown, and moved as I have, but I've continued to be a maker at my core.

I received my Bachelors from Gordon College in 2007, where I studied art and psychology and completed a Masters in Art from the University of Guam in 2018. I am currently finishing a program in Fine Furniture Making from the Vermont Woodworking School. What I didn't learn at school, I've learned through work, travel, nature, sports, reading, and a deep faith in a loving God who is the ultimate Maker.


I work in a variety of mediums, but am currently excited about wood, wood burning, and gold leaf. Natural resources are precious and limited, so I aim to conserve these by sourcing materials locally and wasting as little as possible. I love the process of "rescuing remnants" by using leftover pieces from previous works, or found materials that would otherwise be scrapped. I find the redeeming quality of this process an encouraging metaphor for life: that something that seems broken and discarded can be made new and whole and beautiful.

While life has taken me to a variety of places around the world, I have returned to my home state of Vermont, where I live with my husband and cat.


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